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General Rules and Information

COACHES AND PLAYERS-  We know that athletics can be hard, and when you add the competitive travel tournament level of play it makes it even harder.   Players can also be emotional, tired and difficult at times.  Please allow the coaches to deal with these issues during practices and games.  If the behavior requires the attention of a parent, the coaches will let you know.  We encourage you to cheer for your player and the rest of the team during practices and games.  However, please keep in mind that attempting to give directions to a player from the sidelines makes it difficult for the player to stay focused on the instructions they are receiving on the court.  Also please refrain for negative comments about both our players and/or opponents players.  Remember these are just kids!

ISSUES- If at any time during the season you have an issue with a coach, we ask that you wait until the next day.  Emotions run high for both coaches and parents during practices and games.  For this reason, we have a 24 hour (the next day) rule.  This rule is so that parents and coaches can calmly discuss the situation without emotions taking over.  We will ONLY discuss the treatment of your child.  We will NOT discuss playing time, positions or other kids.  If you are unhappy with the program, we can discuss a refund for you.  The re-fund will be based on a percentage depending on the point of the season.   We have worked extremely hard to build a positive experience for your child.     We expect all our Coaches, Players and Parents to continue to keep this a positive environment.  We continue to grow in size because of this and we will not sacrifice our great reputation.   Again, we kindly ask that if you have a problem, please talk to us the next day, we are rational people and not afraid to discuss differences in opinions.  We also ask to keep our problems between us, ranting to other parents or over social media will not help us work out any differences.

PRACTICESPractices will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  We support players who participate in other activities.   Our expectation is that players who are playing another sport TRY to make 1 of the 2 scheduled practices during the week, and those not playing another sport make both.    We understand some weeks are going to be tougher than others depending on other sports practice/game schedules.  The most important thing is to communicate with the coaches; email/text is the best way to do that.  If your child is going to miss practice a simple e-mail or text to his/her coach is acceptable.  Please be considerate of the time the coaches are volunteering and do your best to be on time to practices.  Parents are welcome to stay at practice, but it is not required; please remember that players left at practice MUST be picked up on time at the end of practice.

PLAYING TIMEThis is NOT a recreational league program where a certain amount of playing time is mandatory.  Players will earn playing time in practice.  Conversely, we would not have asked your child to travel if we didn't expect all the kids on the team to at least play in some of the game.

OFFICIALS - They WILL make bad calls and be inconsistent.   Please go easy on them; anyone who has ever officiated/umpired knows it is not as easy as it seems sitting in the stands .  We have never seen an official get better after getting berated by parents in the stands; additionally it makes our whole program look bad.  STAY POSITIVE! 

WINS & LOSSES -  The Coaches are all competitive and want to win.  We will coach with the intent to try to win every game.  With that being said, our main focus will NOT be on wins and losses, but to properly teach the kids to play basketball.  We will do our best to teach them the right way and allow them to have fun while doing it.   Win or lose we will be focused on if your child played hard, if they did their best, if they worked together as a team and if they are translating what we are teaching in practice to the actual game.  

TOURNAMENTS- Schedules for tournaments will be sent out as soon as we receive them.  Usually, we get them on Thursday afternoon the week of the tournament.

THANK YOU for taking the time to review this information.  We are very excited with the response and are looking forward to teaching the boys and girls how to play, fundamental, tough and aggressive basketball.   Our long term objective is to develop players who are capable of excelling at the high school level and possibly beyond.

We encourage all family members to dress up, whoop, holler, clap and make noise for your player and our team during the games.  The more spirited you are, the more spirited the players will be!  Let's make this a great season! 

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